Women’s History Conference – The Newer Normal: Global Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender

Since the defeat of Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in California, the LGBT movement has claimed several significant victories in the struggle for civil rights in the United States. Despite these advances, gender nonconformists at home and around the world face daunting challenges in their fight for fair treatment and equality. In some places they face the threat of violence daily. The “Kill the Gays” law in Uganda, the draconian laws and brutality against sexual minorities in Russia, and the Emo killings in Iraq are only a few of the challenges LGBTQ[JA1]  people face globally. The 16th Annual Sarah Lawrence Women’s History Conference seeks to explore all aspects of gender identity and gender expression.


Specific panel topics may include, but are not limited to: law and gender identity, transgendered children, evolution of gendered language, health and gender identity, genderqueer and non-binary identities, transgender activism, and the history of sexuality and gender.


Event Location and Ticket Information

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Heimbold Visual Arts Building
1 Mead Way
Bronxville, New York
Handicap Accessible? Yes

Date: Saturday, March 1, 2014
Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ticket pricing:
Free event

Presenter Phone: 914-395-2412