Celebrating Westchester’s
diverse history

ArtsWestchester’s Folk Arts Program began in 1996, documenting the work of stonemasons. Since then, the program has presented at least half a dozen public programs each year, documenting and highlighting the diverse cultures of Westchester. For us it’s not just a program; it’s a movement, collaborating with visionary partner organizations, and providing promotional and cultural development services. Join us in our unwavering commitment to preserve and nurture the heartbeat of folk arts.

Folk Art is the work of skilled artisans, traditional performers, storytellers and others whose practice builds on a foundation of community or family-based culture, or occupational trades learned in apprenticeships with skilled masters. Folk Arts are typically not learned in art schools, conservatories or dance academies, but from parents, grandparents, skilled mentors and community based teachers. These artists may not strive for original expression itself; but their art expresses something very deep about their roots and the tradition of their practice. In celebrating folk traditions, ArtsWestchester acknowledges and honors the skilled arts of our region and the places of origin of Westchester’s many immigrant communities. The region’s cultural diversity is a great asset to our community, and an important means of sharing and breaking down barriers between neighbors and communities.

Westchester-based traditional artists or community members interested in developing folk arts programming: contact our Director of Folk Arts, Aaron Paige at apaige@artswestchester.org or call 914.428.4220 x 329.

Folk Arts Resources


The Folk Arts program receives support from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency with support from Governor’s office and the New York State Legislature.