New York City Grande Première

Ballet des Amériques

New York City Grande Première

Ballet des Ameriques, under the leadership of founding choreographer, Carole Alexis, is thrilled to announce their New York City debut at Peter Norton Symphony Space at 8pm on April 24th. The night’s itinerary includes “Of Flowers and Tears,” “Boléro,” and “Lentil Soup.” This eclectic program showcases the dancers’ range and adroitness, while also highlighting Alexis’s adept understanding of musicality, spatial patterns, the human body, and movement sequences. Sponsored by the French Government (as a laureate of a STAFE grant), the performance exemplifies Carole Alexis’s international presence and patronage, while illustrating the company’s growing prestige within the dance community. Alexis, a native of Martinique who has traveled and studied extensively around the globe, is inspired by her personal experiences combined with her observations of the social and natural world. Thus, prepare to be transported by her works—to the landscapes and people of the Caribbean; a ship shepherding refugees towards opportunity; weeding through sugarcane fields; observe a physical manifestation of the militaristic culture that is met by urgent calls for peace…

Of Flowers and Tears
Music by Mario Canonge
Choreography by Carole Alexis
In Flowers and Tears, Carole Alexis tells a compelling story of the tropical flowers of her native island of Martinique and the historical significance they have in the lives of the people around them. Thus, for example, one of the pieces of the cycle has the subtitle “Mazurka of the Hibiscus”. The brightly colored hibiscus flower looks strong when it is alive on the stem, but quickly withers when it is cut. The equally bright, but pointy fleur de baliser (heliconia caribea), by contrast, remains strong and sturdy for a long time even when cut. For Aimée Césaire, it “tears the heart apart” and it is associated with the wound of the world of people of African descent. In this dance work, Carole Alexis weaves a tapestry of such flowers intertwined with human history.
Music by Maurice Ravel
Choreography by Carole Alexis
“At their most basic, gestures convey emotions, or perhaps we should say that gesture is emotion, emotion incarnate, spiritual and physical at once: pushing and pulling, attraction and repulsion, back and forth, love and defiance. What was important for me in choreographing the Boléro was the necessary tension and thus the joining link between these two gestures: the ominous, quasi-military rhythmic pattern, a military buildup if you will, and the longingly calling Sufi melody that speaks of love and reconciliation. It is my hope, of course, that this Boléro speaks to us of the necessary tensions in our time and that its gesture of emotion also tells our story.”

Carole Alexis
Lentil Soup
Music by various composers
Choreography by Carole Alexis
Lentil Soup is an exploration of our human hunger and quest for spiritual nourishment. A series of Africa-inspired dances to the music of diverse artists suggests how our hunger is satisfied in various ways in communion with nature, with animals, plants, the earth and fire, with each other in religious and nonreligious communities, and indeed around the dinner table where we share a common meal.


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Peter Norton Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95th Street
New York, New York 10025
Handicap Accessible? Yes

Date: Friday, April 24, 2020
Times: 8:00 pm - 9:45 pm

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$25 - General Admission

Presenter: Ballet des Amériques
Presenter Phone: 718-309-0437
Presenter Website: www.symphonyspace.org/events/vp-ballet-des-ameriques