Lydia C. Thompson: Transitions

Lydia C. Thompson: Transitions

A solo exhibition in the gallery and online at Clay Art Center.
April 27th – June 7th, 2024

Please join us for an Opening Reception on Saturday, April 27th, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Clay Art Center is pleased to present Lydia C. Thompson: Transitions, a solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures that blends the narratives of urban and rural human migration.

The artist states, “My current research investigates the ideas of migration and residual ancestral memories that examine space and place that reference human existence. Through continuous mobility and the physical process of reduction made by nature, human beings create pathways that explore physical space that may produce visual silence, evoke the imagination, offer notions of commodities and value, and illustrate a sense of desperation that provides insights into various cultural practices and traditions. My works are reminders of the past and current lessons that we need to learn about the persistence and preservation of one’s own culture. My relic series references dilapidated and vacant houses that exist in urban and rural communities. These houses often tell multiple stories about communities that have evolved and changed over time. With this work, I hope to trigger memories that have been suppressed about home loss or evoke emotions that symbolize hope and rejuvenation. It also asks the question of who takes ownership and responsibility for the built environment.”

A hands-on workshop with the artist will take place on Saturday, April 27th from 9am – 4pm. Details and registration are available on our website.

Learn more about the artist, exhibition, and workshop on our website:

Event Location and Ticket Information

Date: Monday, May 13, 2024
Times: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ticket pricing:
Free event

Presenter Phone: 9149372047