Living Well: A wellness Lecture Series November Topic: HABITS THAT POWER UP YOUR DAY!


Have you ever noticed times in your life that you KNOW something is good for you (and potentially has a big pay-off) but you still cannot do it, or sustain it on a regular basis? Think exercise, healthy food habits, keeping up social connections, working on your resume, getting around to writing that book or incorporating some time for your hobbies and passions? And then oftentimes you KNOW something is NOT good for you- but you still cannot stop engaging in this self-defeating behavior? From bad posture to snacking to checking email too often – or even mental habits such as anger, jealousy, any kind of addiction or procrastination. Welcome to the world of habits! All behavior that is habitual to us becomes either a helpful tool that serves us well, or an impediment that keeps us from attaining our objectives. But here’s the good news – habits can be changed and there is a very useful science behind this. We can literally transform our lives by changing our habits, slowly but surely. The trick is to engage both parts of the brain – the emotional and the logical so that one does not work against the other – leaving us feeling powerless and helpless.

In this workshop, we will dissect the formation of habits to see where we can make interventions. We start by setting our goals and a very systematic approach to achieving these goals. Explore the science behind self-regulation, will power and energy systems in the body to understand the technology of self-transformation.

Sangeeta Bansal, Ph.D., is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, and teaches courses at schools and colleges, such as Princeton University, Stern School of Business (NYU) and Rye Country Day School. She has been invited as a mindfulness consultant to Hong Kong International School to train students and faculty, and also to Columbia Business School as a guest speaker. She volunteers as a mindfulness teacher in inner city schools. She also works with corporate leaders, womens’ groups, children, and young adults who seek to reduce stress and find sources of happiness and meaning in their lives. Sangeeta is also an experienced Enneagram Consultant (The Enneagram is a tool by which people understand their own and others’ personalities, leading to better work and personal relationships and realizing one’s potential to the fullest), and teaches workshops on special topics such as Ayurveda, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Vedanta.

​After receiving her MBA from IESE (Barcelona), and her Ph.D from Rutgers University, Sangeeta worked in the corporate sector as well as an Adjunct Professor. In 2008, she turned to meditation and mindfulness in her personal life, and then went on to be a full time meditation teacher.

​​Sangeeta lives with her husband and two children in Westchester County, New York

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Wainwright House
260 Stuyvesant Ave
Rye, NY 10580
Handicap Accessible? Yes

Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018
Times: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Presenter: Sangeeta Bansal PhD