Harrison Public Library Presents “From Seeds to Blooms” Virtual Exhibit by Annabel Romero

Born and raised in Mexico city Annabel Romero holds a Ph.D. in biological sciences and works as a scientist and an artist.  Annabel created Opuntia Visual, a concept with the mission of communicating science by combining scientific knowledge and data with art aesthetics. Opuntia Visual comes from the scientific name of the nopal (Opuntia cacti), a traditional Mexican cactus.

Using diverse media, Opuntia Visual explores each topic from different artistic perspectives to show science and nature in their most beautiful fashions.

Artist’s Statement:

Nature has always been an inspiration for both scientists and artists alike. In this exhibition, Opuntia Visual (by Annabel Romero) showcases nature with a scientific touch. “From Seeds to Blooms” shows you all about the flora: from classification and morphology to cultural aspects and gardening, showcasing the beauty of fruits and blooms that we look forward to every spring and summer. In a friendly and approachable way, you will learn about the parts of a plant, gardening and cultural and culinary uses of plants, while enjoying artistic botanical drawings. A unique exhibition, that will not only please your eye with the beauty of nature but will also fill your mind with scientific and cultural information about plants and its secrets.

Event Location and Ticket Information

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2021
Times: All Day

Ticket pricing:
Free event

Presenter: Harrison Public Library
Presenter Phone: 9148350324
Presenter Website: https://www.harrisonpl.org/hpl_exhibit/from-seeds-to-blooms