Lyndhurst Gardening Workshops

Come join Homegrown Nurseries at the historic Lyndhurst Mansion this summer as we take a deep dive into growing a home garden’s most prized possession – great tomatoes! Whether you are an experienced gardener trying to fine tune your prized Brandywines or a beginning gardener who wants to try a new crop this summer, these workshops will help. Over five workshops, we will take a take a deep dive into growing great tomatoes in the home garden – whether in a large backyard or in a small balcony. Each workshop is scheduled at the best time of year to put it into practice at home.

Workshops are $20 for each 2-hour session or purchase the whole 5-part series for $80. All workshops will take place on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm at the Lyndhurst Estate.

Nick Storrs is an instructor at the New York Botanical Gardens and owns Homegrown Nurseries specializing in growing organic heirloom and open pollinated vegetables and flowers for gardeners.


April 15th – Seeding and Garden Preparation
Join us in the propagation shed as we learn how to start tomato seeds in the home. Growing tomatoes from seeds are easier than most people think! We will learn how starting seedlings in the kitchen as fun, easy and inexpensive way to grow a whole garden’s worth of great produce. The workshop will include a discussion of what materials will be needed, where to find seeds, and how to supply water and light to your new seedlings.

Afterwards, we will discuss how to get our gardens ready for a spring planting. We will discuss waking our garden beds up this spring with the nutrients our tomatoes need, getting ahead of weeds and making sure that the soil life is ready to help our tomatoes grow.

May 13th – Planting
Jump start your tomatoes right from the get-go! We will look at choosing good transplants, adding organic fertilizers and practice planting tomatoes in order to promote strong root systems, reduce ‘transplant shock’ and promote healthy plants later in the season. We will practice planting in both the garden and it containers that can be kept in small spaces.

June 10th – Tomato Care
Once your tomato is growing come learn how to give it the best care over its lifetime. Join us as we practice watering, trellising and pruning your tomatoes. We will practice building a number of different trellises in many different styles and for different types of tomatoes and gardens. We will talk about a couple of different ways to water your plants as well as how to prune them to promote the most tomatoes later on in the season!

July 15th – Pests and Diseases
Keep those tomatoes healthy. Tomatoes can be the target of many different diseases and pest. Learn how to recognize, prevent, and respond to some of the most common problems that tomatoes contend with. With the techniques learned in this workshop, we will work with nature to apply organic principals to keeping our tomatoes healthy and strong right up to the first frost.

August 5th – Tasting and Seed Saving
Celebrate the height of tomato season with a tasting of a wide array of different varieties! Come find your new favorite! We will look at the stories behind some of our most venerated varieties, and how they fit into the landscape and history of Lyndhurst. We will also take some of our favorites and explore how to save seeds from these tomatoes, in order to help develop and steward heirlooms of our own!

Event Location and Ticket Information

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Lyndhurst Mansion
635 S. Broadway
Tarrytown, NY
Handicap Accessible? No

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017 - Saturday, August 5, 2017
Times: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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80 - Complete Workshop Series
20 - Single Workshop