Axial’s March Madness

VIRTUALAxial Theatre has announced the line-up of short plays and monologues for its annual Twisted Valentinesfestival – POSTPONED TO MARCH 19 AS MARCH MADNESS, an all-virtual seasonal tribute to love and lovers. The first of two slates of plays, Program A, debuts at 8 pm on Friday, March 19; Program B will first show at 8 pm on Saturday, March 20. Both programs will be available for streaming through Sunday, March 28, 2021 with tickets available for purchase. The original one-acts and monologues will probe the depths of joy, despair and everything in-between that follows when Cupid’s arrows strike – or miss their mark.

The festival is being produced by Axial Theatre Artistic Director Catherine (Cat) Banks and co-produced by Virginia Reynolds.

Original pieces are by Bara Swain, Nick DeSimone, Evelyn Mertens, Susan Ward, Julie Griffin, Carol Mark, James Balestrieri, Wayne Paul Mattingly, Linda Bidwell Delaney, Greg Falkin, Albi Gorn, Stephen Baluzy and Virginia Reynolds.

The plays are:

COVID Singles Meetup by Susan Ward & Julie Griffin, directed by Catherine Banks. You had me at Bon jour.

Nine Months Ago by Nick DeSimone, directed by Lori Geller. An earnest and kind-hearted middle-aged man, looking for his soul mate and a family, is on a first date with an off-the-wall woman … who is very pregnant.

Nothing Happened by Evelyn Mertens, directed by Virginia Reynolds. Can a bruised couple survive a transgression – or will misdeeds and memories rule the day?

Panty Wear by Wayne Paul Mattingly, directed by the author. Leonard has a strange fetish. Once his girlfriend Jilly gets a whiff, she quickly noses around, following the scent to discover what stinks—or doesn’t!

The Rub by Albi Gorn, directed by Robin Joseph. Office romances are truly the stuff of dreams.

Stiff Upper Lip by James Balestrieri, directed by Virginia Reynolds. Is heaven what you make it? Do appearances count when you go to meet your maker? Walt and Wendy explore their options for the hereafter while still in the here and now.

The Color Enthusiast by Bara Swain, directed by Catherine Banks. Why is Emma dressed in a large black garbage bag for her Valentine’s Day celebratory dinner?

The Other Other Man by Carol Mark, directed by Catherine Banks. A distraught husband accuses his neighbor of infidelity only to find they have something important in common.

I’ll Get the Wine by Carol Mark, directed by David Fritsch. A married couple looking to spice up their love life turn to Oprah for some tips.

Heartbreak on Board by Linda Delaney, directed by Catherine Banks. Peggy Sue’s passions for cars, a special guy, and poetry have collided.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus by Greg Falkin, directed by Greg Falkin. A doting father and a distraught bride try to plan a COVID wedding.

Acushla by Virginia Reynolds, directed by Rachel Jones. When love is love, it works in mysterious ways, and can last longer than a lifetime. Based on a true story.

Wasbian by Susan Ward, directed by Laura Gardner. See an excerpt from the award-winning Off B’way Solo Show Wasbian, a shameless exploration of what it is to search for love…and sex.

It’s Just us, Bro, On Valentine’s Day by Stephen Baluzy, directed by Rachel Jones. Brothers, George & Mike, spend another Valentine’s dinner together discussing life, love and the internet dating scene.


Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased online at www.axialtheatre.org

For more information: 914-286-7680; www.axialtheatre.org.


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Date: Friday, March 19, 2021 - Sunday, March 28, 2021
Times: 12:00 am

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