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Categories: Actor - Ballet - Dance - Dance-Jazz - Dance-Modern - Film - Folk/Traditional - Jazz - Literary - Music - Music-Pop - Visual - Visual-Illustration - Voice - Teaching Artists

  • Addie Diaz

    Category: Actor, Dance, Dance-Jazz, Jazz, Music, Music-Pop,

    Teaching kids and adults Latin, Hip-Hop and Party dances has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Steps are broken down to provide good basic dance skills.  I do like to emphasize the fun in dancing.  While students are taught dance...

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  • Teresa Fellion

    Category: Ballet, Dance, Dance-Jazz, Dance-Modern, Literary,

    As an avid arts advocate and activist, Teresa Fellion creates work that integrates and empowers audiences with new perspectives and addresses human experiences. Many of these works are site-specific and involve innovative methods of audience...

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  • Kendra Mace Clark

    Category: Dance, Dance-Jazz, Dance-Modern,

    I feel most alive when in motion.  When I move, I transcend to a deeply intuitive place.  The act of dancing is physical research, a meditative state of letting go of assumptions of what is and isn’t possible. Rigorous improvisation allows me...

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  • David Wilson

    Category: Dance, Dance-Jazz,

    I'm a modern dancer who leads a group called David McKay Wilson Dance that collaborates with local jazz musicians on improvisational dance pieces performed in local clubs. I'm also a writer for newspapers and magazines who goes into local...

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