Addie Diaz

category: Actor, Dance, Dance-Jazz, Jazz, Music, Music-Pop,

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Phone: 917-215-1720


Artist Statement

Teaching kids and adults Latin, Hip-Hop and Party dances has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Steps are broken down to provide good basic dance skills.  I do like to emphasize the fun in dancing.  While students are taught dance technique, I encourage having a good time during the process.  Dance styles I teach are Latin Dance-- Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, as well as basic Hip-Hop and party line dances.

Educational Background

Addie's latin dance training began in 1992 at The Harbor Conservatory for the Arts in Spanish Harlem under the tutelage of Evelyn Leon.  She went on to learn basic ballet and Jazz at Steps on Broadway in Manhattan.  Other dances Addie has learned are Bomba Y Plena at Julia De Burgos Center and African Dance at Djoniba Dance Center, both in New York City.  Addie currently continues her Jazz training in North Salem with Linda Carelli, a fantastic former Broadway dancer.  Always looking to continue learning and growing as a dancer, Addie enjoys learning different dance genres.