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Categories: Actor - Ballet - Dance - Dance-Jazz - Dance-Modern - Film - Folk/Traditional - Illustration - Jazz - Literary - Music - Music-Pop - Visual - Voice - Teaching Artists

  • Rachel Kodweis

    Category: Actor, Dance, Dance-Modern, Jazz, Music, Music-Pop, Voice,

    Learning is an active process -not a passive one. Learners are not blank slates, they come to you half cooked, slightly cooked, and sometimes raw. They come with every life experience, belief and understanding that they have. Whether studying...

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  • Kendra Mace Clark

    Category: Dance, Dance-Jazz, Dance-Modern,

    I feel most alive when in motion.  When I move, I transcend to a deeply intuitive place.  The act of dancing is physical research, a meditative state of letting go of assumptions of what is and isn’t possible. Rigorous improvisation allows me...

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