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Categories: Actor - Ballet - Dance - Dance-Jazz - Dance-Modern - Film - Folk/Traditional - Jazz - Literary - Music - Music-Pop - Visual - Visual-Illustration - Voice - Teaching Artists

  • Andrea Elam

    Category: Ballet, Dance,

    As an independent dancer/choreographer/teaching artist, I am deeply invested in making dance a part of the lives of our local residents, especially our underserved and at-risk .  I believe that every person should have the opportunity to view,...

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  • Teresa Fellion

    Category: Ballet, Dance, Dance-Jazz, Dance-Modern, Literary,

    As an avid arts advocate and activist, Teresa Fellion creates work that integrates and empowers audiences with new perspectives and addresses human experiences. Many of these works are site-specific and involve innovative methods of audience...

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  • Sari Nordman

    Category: Ballet, Dance, Dance-Modern,

    Sari Nordman, born and raised in Finland, is an interdisciplinary artist who has created public art projects, video works and dance performances. Her process is rooted in her travels to isolated locations around the world to reflect on nature,...

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  • Belle Ritter

    Category: Actor, Ballet, Dance, Music,

    Dance education involves a myriad of interrelated factors within the wider scope of national standards and teaching individual students. Theoretical understanding of how dance education can contribute to artistic, cultural and social development...

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