A Visual Peek at The Chair Show

ArtsWestchester’s The Chair Show exhibition presents the works of more than 50 artists who prompt their viewers to consider the creativity, forms and art of seating.  The works will be on view from Oct. 1-19. For more info, visit artsw.org/thechairshow.

Chair by Amanda Browder

Browder, a textile artist, creates installations and monumental works out of brightly colored and patterned fabrics, which are often acquired and sewn through community involvement. This Chair was originally part of an installation titled Prism/Livin/Room, in which the artist filled a gallery with fabric objects that reference the private, interior space of a living room.Lay All Your Love on Me by Hanna Washburn

Washburn recasts a chair that was in the dining room of her childhood home as an assemblage of outworn, cherished clothing. She characterizes the work’s figure as “dense and seemingly weightless, extending beyond the structure of the chair, but sagging under the weight of the form…ambiguous and unruly, making a space for herself, and demanding room to breathe.”

At Your Own Risk by B.A. D’Alessandro

D’Alessandro described this piece with clarity of purpose and sense of humor: “Not every situation puts you in a comfortable position…whether it is a dirty park bench or a suspicious character alongside you in the subway, you need to watch where you place your derriere.”

Telechair by Christopher Flick

Environmental responsibility and an urban funk aesthetic come together in this functional sculpture, which reconfigures the shapes and utility of abandoned street furniture with an eye for formal and functional puns.

A version of this article first appeared in the October issue of ArtsNews, ArtsWestchester’s monthly publication. ArtsNews is distributed throughout Westchester County. A digital copy is also available at artsw.org/artsnews.

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