Clay Art Center’s ALL Explores Human Impact on Nature

This September, Clay Art Center (CAC) presents the last of four themed exhibitions that examine the complexities of individualism and how we are linked as a community by exploring racial biases, national identity and environmental concerns that are found in a global society. This particular upcoming exhibition, ALL, will focus on the human impact on the natural world. The two-person show, on view from September 22 through November 10, will feature ten ceramic works by artists Novie Trump and Trisha Coates. Trump, a sculptor and installation artist, works with clay, glass and found objects to create delicate pieces that explore subjects such as lost habitats, damaged environments and the increasing extermination of animal species. For instance, she has created a site-specific installation of ceramic insect specimens that demonstrates the life cycle of insects, from migration to evolution and extinction. In other pieces such as Nest, Trump creates reliquaries or shrines of animals to depict the fragility and purity of wildlife. Trisha Coates creates clay objects and installations that visualize human influence on the environment through themes of collection, decomposition and memory. Her works, including If You Are the Morning Tide, are porcelain still-life collages. These works are made from ceramic waste and found materials that resemble objects found in nature, such as flowers and water. Through her works, Coates aims to contain, hold and preserve nature and encourage viewers to reflect on their encounters with nature. In conjunction with the exhibition, CAC will host an intimate catered dinner with the featured artists in its gallery on September 21, which will include a presentation of the exhibition. An opening reception will be held on September 22. Trump (on September 22) and Coates (on September 23) will share their creative processes during immersive workshops that incorporates nature into ceramic art. For more info, visit

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