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Pablo Mayor’s Innovative Sound Will Bridge Colombia and White Plains

Colombian pianist and composer Pablo Mayor, who is known for changing the sound of a nation, will share the traditional music of his native country with White Plains audiences this fall. On September 15,  Jazz Fest White Plains will give audiences an exclusive chance to see Mayor and a core group from his acclaimed Folklore Urbano orchestra as they perform live at ArtsWestchester’s intimate gallery space. The concert is part of a five-day jazz concert series held at different venues throughout downtown White Plains from September 13-17.

Mayor, also a former jazz studies director, has redefined contemporary Colombian music in the past decade with his unique integration of modern jazz and the traditional Colombian rhythms he grew up with. Mayor explains the genesis of his music style: “I always had a natural feeling for traditional music, but grew up in the city, and had developed a real knowledge of jazz from my years at the University of North Texas. It was my intention to combine these different experiences – the folkloric and the urban – and thus came the name ‘Folklore Urbano.’” The group’s melodies of cumbia, puya, currulao and Latin jazz styles will transport audiences to different regions of Colombia and South America without their ever having to leave White Plains. Mayor and his Folklore Urbano band are also celebrated for bringing Colombia’s sounds to life with authentic salsa dances and theater performances that touch on themes of immigration, culture, love and tradition. As Mayor puts it: “My sound is modern, but at no cost to the traditions which are at the heart of the music.” The performance will feature Folklore Urbano’s Franco Pinna on drums, Jonathan Gomez and Nestor Gomez on Colombian percussion and Dave Hertzberg on bass.

To purchase tickets to this concert, click here (until noon). Tickets available at the door. 

For more info and a full Jazz Fest schedule, visit: artsw.org/jazzfest.

Watch Pablo Mayor and his Folklore Urbano band perform: