Westchester Collaborative Theatre Brings a One-Night-Only Performance to ArtsWestchester

Last month, Westchester Collaborative Theatre (WCT) opened the doors of its new performance space with a new provocative play, Lot’s Wife.  The successful play was highly reviewed and had a standing-room only crowd. Now, for one night only, WCT will reprise this production for one more performance at ArtsWestchester’s building on April 21.

The play, written by Albi Gorn, retells the classic biblical story of Lot, his family, and their struggle to find ten devout souls who will prevent God’s wrath from destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Although the play takes place during biblical times, WCT tells the story of Lot’s wife in a way that relates to a 20th century audience: using contemporary dialogue and timeless themes of family and survival.

The play was developed through WCT’s “lab approach,” which allows actors and writers to bring new pieces to life through a process of readings, critiques, rewrites and, when the work is ready, a live production. The ensemble includes: Michelle Daneshvar, Justina Dieck, Jason Fineberg, Julie Griffin, Donna James, Jessica Hickey, Kurt Lauer, Pat O’Neill, Ron Schnittker and Ralph Vandamme.

The April 21 event will take place in ArtsWestchester’s building at 31 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. For tickets and more info, visit: https://artswestchester.org/events/lots-wife-at-artswestchester.

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