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SHE Voices: Gallery Exhibition

Press Release

Iona College

Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery

March 6 – April 4

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 10, 1 – 3 p.m.

SheVoices:  Esther Kong Lo, Gloria Nixon Crouch, Judith Weber

Curated by Esther Kong Lo

This exhibition reflects three eclectic approaches to femininity as they range from classicism to deconstructive representation to pure abstraction.  From youth to aging, outward beauty to inner essence, “SheVoices”is symbolic of a woman’s spiritual and psychological complexity while echoing the common thread of humanity.”

Esther Kong Lo’swork is a reflection on life and celebration of the human spirit. She blends contemporary elements with classical approach, fusing form with color, injecting them with metaphorical and philosophical underpinnings. Delicate yet powerful, Esther’s exquisite treatments evoke, stimulate and challenge the mind. Like an actress living her roles, each nuanced glance and gesture tells a story. Each tactile application pulsates like heartbeat, infusing her subjects with a sensitivity and compassion that gives soul to her art.

Gloria Nixon Crouch’smodern sculptures challenge the classical sense of beauty.  As the recipient of BA’s from both Hunter College and Pratt Institute in ceramics and an MS from Fordham University she is well trained in the theory and techniques of her art. Her ceramic sculpture is” distinctive in that they appear to be hewn from old stone rescued from the ruins of some ancient civilization that fell upon hard times”.  Her sculptures challenge our notion of beauty and express deep human feelings.

Judith Weber,motivated by the relationship between form and function, while remaining committed to the principal of simplicity, has spent most of her professional life as a studio ceramic artist and product designer. As an artist who thrives on challenge and diversity, she also created custom tile and installations for residential and commercial application. For this exhibition she is exploring the relationship between ideas and clay.    The work speaks to the secrets in the feminine folds created when clay is manipulated and assembled to capture the essence of a female form.  Pure and smooth, sexy and whimsical, the work is meant to let you imagine “what you will”.