Experience the world of public art with a self guided tour through the City of White Plains. The murals and sculptures presented on your stroll were designed by artists from Westchester & Rockland counties and the greater New York City area.

A map to plan your self guided tour is available here.

Yuke Li
Elmhurst, NY

Ferris Avenue (Greystar)

Artist Statement:
Inspiration: city, community, cheerful, blossom, transit, exportation, craft, city-life, diversity, culture Vibersity stands for vibrant and diversity. It is a growing city, community with energy and innovation. It connects people of all backgrounds. People who live here enjoy their lives and explore the unknown.

Artist Bio:
Yuke Li is a Chinese visual artist based in New York. Her works include editorial illustrations, picture books, public arts. Yuke has worked on public art projects in New York City, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Missoula. She has led a team for an indoor traditional acrylic mural, as well as a street vinyl art installation. She has published twelve picture books, and her illustrations has been published in New York Times, and Times magazine. Yuke’s work has been recognized by ADC Award, MoCCA Art Fest, American Illustration, World Illustration Awards, and Bologna Children’s Book Fair.


Andrey Kravtsov / Key Detail
New York, NY
Have a Good Day

Hamilton Avenue (Greystar)

Artist Statement:
I took inspiration from White Plain’s urban environment. With the mural location just across from the White Plains Train Station, I depicted the daily commute of people who have this kind of beautiful morning when you have your delicious coffee and croissant, rush to the station, take a train, and continue a joyful trip to your destination.

Artist Bio:
KEY DETAIL is a mural artist who also works with painting and illustration. He lives and works in New York, NY. A native of Belarus, he obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from the Belarusian National Technical University. Growing up in Minsk, KEY DETAIL has been active on the art scene since the 2000s. He has been creating mural art for more than ten years. The artistic map of KEY DETAIL features murals in Europe, Asia and U.S. Expressing his creativity, he successfully managed and completed many private and public commissions and worked closely with numerous community organizations. Eight years of architectural experience allows him to respond creatively and uniquely to site-specific design challenges. His artworks have been featured in a number of international magazines and books, and his paintings are included in private art collections throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Oscar Lett
New York, NY

250 Mamaroneck Ave (Southern Land)

Artist Statement:
Artwork Statement: This design unites flora and fauna in surreal colours to create an eerie landscape. The blend of colours reflect on a sunset whilst a gold moon rises to set a soft yet uplifting mood. An impossible purple wall of plants on the left side and a bird on the right illustrate the idea of nature at large as expressed in the proposal desires. The yellow parts of the artwork are to be painted in gold for highlights. The geometry around the bird brings contrast and structure to the nature oriented design. The line structure and gold accents are thought to accentuate the sophistication of the design whilst the colours take care of making it contemporary and relevant to the audiences of today.

Artist Bio:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod As a Paris-born artist who has lived and worked in London, Kyoto and New York, my challenge is to create multicultural artworks from my lived experiences. Each encounter enriches my definition of beauty which I transfer to my practice. My work revolves around the universal struggle of overcoming constraints. It is the poetry and the visual impact of conflicting things I find fascinating. I strive to create a dialogic art-form exploring the magnetism and strength of unconventional beauty in hybrid worlds.


Tim Grajek
Sleepy Hollow, NY

250 Mamaroneck Avenue (Southern Land)

Artist Statement:
My mural design is a tribute Isadora Ducan 1877—1927, American dancer who performed to great acclaim throughout Europe and the US. She was a modern dance pioneer, and among the 􀆮rst to raise interpretive dance to the status of creative art. Duncan was active in the Westchester area, teaching at the Clearview School, Briarcliff Manor, and Suny Purchase. In 1923 and again in 1932, the Isadora Duncan Dancers performed at two parties at Untermyer Gardens. The tradition continues today, when the troupe performs there September 2022.

Artist Bio:
Tim Grajek is a multi discipline artist — illustrator, photographer, film maker, muralist, graphic designer, and musician. His illustration work has appeared in most major magazines and newspapers including, The Washington Post, Business Week, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Red Book, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barons, and Scholastic. 2022 Comissioned to execute Haas Brothers Mural at the Katonah Museum of Art, as part of Constant Carnival: The Haas Brothers in Context. 2020 One of three selected artists that carried out the creation of the “The Wishing Wall River Walk Mural”, in Sleepy Hollow NY. — a temporary art installation scheduled be torn down in 2022 to make way for a new green-way park. The project has proved to be an positive inspiration for the community during the pandemic.


Erwin Ong / A Duck Amuck
White Plains, NY
Fish City

250 Mamaroneck Avenue (Southern Land)

Artwork Statement:
With this mural, I want to bring smiles and joy to the many people who move through the streets of downtown White Plains – whether by foot, wheelchair, bike, car, or another mode of transportation. I have adapted my underwater creatures – a theme I use consistently in my art – into a city setting. I have also incorporated fish-themed buildings, vehicles, and pedestrians as a nod to Mamaroneck Avenue as a vibrant artery for the city.

Artist Bio:
Erwin Ong is a self-taught artist based in White Plains, New York. His bright, happy, and quirky illustrations and objects are inspired by wildlife, cityscapes, and abstract patterns.



Chris Soria
Nyack, NY
Painted Lady in the Ironweeds

100 Main Street (Galleria WP)

Artist Statement:
Coming Soon.

Artist Bio:
Chris Soria is a visual artist, specializing in large-scale murals and dimensional artwork. Working in mediums including painting, photo-collage, digital art, and ephemeral mediums, Soria applies his versatility to a multi-disciplined mural-making practice. Soria has created and collaborated on works of art in public, private, and shared spaces for more than 20 years, with dozens of murals and street art throughout NYC and beyond.


Shelley Parriott
Bearsville, NY
Color Field Sculpture
The Gateway Building

Artist Statement:
Shelley Parriott’s Color Field Sculpture® creations have been exhibited and collected in her native New York City, throughout the Hudson Valley of New York, the USA and Europe. She has received numerous honors and awards. Visually and conceptually, Color Field Sculpture® installations simultaneously present a dichotomy and an integration between the corporeal and the intangible – our physical and spiritual aspects. Monumental in size and visual impact, yet illusory, transparent layers play in the changing light to describe: material / immaterial, being / non – being, and the transitory nature of form.

Artist Bio:
International artist Shelley Parriott lives and works in New York State. Her work has been exhibited and commissioned in her native New York City, throughout the Hudson Valley of New York, and at galleries, museums and various public and private locations in the USA and Europe. She has received numerous honors and awards including a grant from the US Embassy related to “New York Meets Berlin”, an invitational exhibition at The Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, and won “Best in Show” at the Silvermine Guild Art Center’s National Juried Competition, Art of the Northeast, in New Canaan, CT. She has received support from The New York Foundation for the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts, and a Lorenzo il Magnifico Medallion at the Biennale Internazionale Dell’ Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy. She is currently represented in The Venice Biennale, 2022. April 23 – Nov 27.


Christopher Rios
Katonah, NY

S. Broadway (RMS Companies)

Artist Statement
My desire with this mural is to create a piece of art that is fun and imaginative. I will create bold 2D and 3D graphics with RMS Companies aesthetic in mind. The art will reflect refined, contemporary, and abstract designs incorporated with my own design style. I was inspired by the simplicity, yet the complexity, of the geometric shapes by using multiple colors. I love the look of making an image pop, so for the hummingbird (a representation of lightness and joy), I went with my style of black and white with slight pops of color brought in from the background. I will then add a layer of the palette knife technique in bright white to showcase the highlights of the hummingbird. My vision to really showcase the beauty of nature using realism in conjunction with abstract shapes and color.

Artist Bio:
Christopher Rios is a traveling mural artist based out of Westchester, New York. In 2016, Rios graduated from Frostburg State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Since then, Rios has been fully committed to painting and expressing his love for arts through his unique style. During the span of 5 years after college, Rios spent every night painting in his studio till the latest hours of the night. Through this experience of painting various styles, Rios was able to find his own unique style. Taking black and white portraits, abstract techniques, mixed medias, he blends together a combination of realism and pop-art. With a strong support system and rapidly growing media presence, Rios prides himself on creating original pieces for each of his clients. Among them, Rios has created custom pieces for high-profile clients including Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and the US Military. Rios is now seen traveling throughout the states painting murals for communities, private businesses, and hotels.


Scott Chasse & Kenley Darling/ Signature Unknown
Brooklyn, NY
Reflective Memory

39 Court Street (Silverman Realty)

Artist Statement:
Continuing with our ongoing series of geometric murals, this new piece is inspired by patterns commonly found in traditional quilt squares and the often-anonymous work of our folk art predecessors. The colors chosen for the design have been drawn from images of sunsets. We think of this palette as an interpretive reflection of the sky.

A common theme throughout all of our work is connectivity. The patterns we paint are meant to evoke feelings of community, tradition, and unity. We hope that the vibrant colors and geometry brighten the day of passers-by.

Scott Chasse and Kenley Darling have been painting collaborative murals as Signature Unknown since 2017. Previous projects have taken place in NH, ME, MA, VA, and NY, many of which are still on public view.

Artist Bio:
We are Scott Chasse and Kenley Darling – two friends creating collaborative murals under the moniker “Signature Unknown.” Together, we make large geometric paintings that draw inspiration from folk art, quilt squares, color gradients, and the sky. The idea to team-up stemmed from a 2015 gallery exhibition at 3S ArtSpace in Portsmouth, NH entitled “Knock on Wood,” where we both displayed works from our individual practices and realized we wanted to do something “bigger” together.




Misha Tyutyunik
Brooklyn, NY

144 Mamaroneck (Silverman Realty)

Artist Statement:
The vision behind this design is to depict the area’s native flowers and historical landmarks in a whimsical style with vibrant, saturated colors. The composition aims to lead the eye through the artwork from the perspective of the flowers. Subverting the narrative, the indigenous flora (including lonicera sempervirens flowers, common names coral honeysuckle, trumpet honeysuckle or scarlet honeysuckle, New England aster flowers and yellow and pink daisy flowers) are purposely positioned in the foreground to draw attention to the importance of preserving the natural environment, while man-made historical landmarks (including The Women’s Federation Monument, The Tarrytown Lighthouse and the Sunnyside Estate) can be seen scaled down in the distance. The goal of this piece is to portray the balance between man and nature, and that it is up to each of us to create that balance.

Artist Bio:
Misha Tyutyunik is a Ukrainian-born, painter, muralist, street artist, illustrator, and most recently, virtual reality artist and Fulbright Scholar living and working out of Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of Pratt Institute, he travels the world creating murals and is regularly commissioned to paint and illustrate for many reputable brands, publications and collectors, as well as being represented by two New York City Galleries.


Jackie Meier
Mamaroneck, NY
88 Westchester Ave (Toll Brothers Apartment Living)

Artist Statement:
My paintings are about the attempt of humans to live with and within the world. We are imperfect physical creatures who strive to connect and discover both ourselves and the environment. My paintings depict the connection between this repulsion and cohesiveness. No matter how much we try to lead a perfect life, we can’t. Once we accept our fallibility we can laugh at ourselves-our quirks and oddities this helps us through the journey of life.. Playful, bold colors light up the regular grid-based structure. Color is mysteriously elastic, I play with color to warp space to allow colors to pop out of the regular structure. I use its density, weights, transparency, and textures, the options are limitless. The colors may be nameable but together they sing in an unfamiliar harmony. The colors transition from one field to another, barred by sharp boundaries or easy sliding connections.

Artist Bio:
Born in Rochester, NY, Jackie Meier studied Economics and received her Bachelor of Arts at Boston College. After an around the world trip Meier started painting in 2000 at the California College of Arts, San Francisco, CA. Meier then moved to New York where she attended Pratt Institute obtaining her MFA with honors. Meier has had multiple solo and two-person shows, including Nancy Margolis Gallery, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, and Janet Kurnatowski Gallery. Her bold geometric abstractions are held in numerous collections throughout New York and Europe. In 2020 Meier created a 720 square foot mural in Building 77 of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Emil Alzamora
Beacon, NY
Hector’s Return
Renaissance Plaza (Opus)

Artist Statement:

Artist Bio:
Alzamora harnesses a wide range of materials and techniques to deliver unexpected interpretations of the human figure. He often distorts, encases, transmutes or deconstructs his forms to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story. Alzamora’s keen interest in the physical properties of his materials combined with his hands-on approach allow for the process to reveal and inform at once the aesthetic and the conceptual.


Alice Mizrachi
West Nyack, NY
Renaissance Women

Renaissance Plaza (Opus)

Artist Statement:
Renaissance Women is a public sculpture that has lived in the creative minds for nearly 20 years of myself and my mentor Russell L. Goings, a collector of art from the Harlem Renaissance and close friend of Romare Bearden. Mr. Goings currently lives in Harlem.

The public art Initiative committee of the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance visited my studio in 2019 and decided to collaborate with me to bring this sculpture to life and to the community. The sculpture was produced in the line drawing style of Romare Bearden’s contour line work. Bearden’s influence is evident in my own drawings, assemblages, and small sculptural works. Renaissance Women honors the women of the Harlem Renaissance and takes on a decidedly feminine form representing vocalists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lena Horne, visual artists, Elizabeth Catlett, and Augusta Savage, and writers Dorothy West and Zora Neale Hurston. It is the viewer’s choice as to which women they see reflected in the sculpture.

Artist Bio:
Alice Mizrachi is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York and Miami. Alice’s activist ideology is weaved into her studio, public art and education practices. She has shown with the Museum of the City of New York, the National Museum of Women in the Arts and The Albright-Knox Museum; taught at The Studio Museum in Harlem, Brown University, The Laundromat Project, and BRIC Arts while also being featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Architectural Digest. Currently, she is preparing for an upcoming solo exhibit at The Bishop Gallery in September. Alice is a graduate of Parsons School of Design.


Margaret Roleke
Brooklyn, NY

Renaissance Plaza (City of White Plains)

Artist Statement:
America faces large challenges; racism, gun violence, global warming, and an assault on the truth. My work is an urgent response to these issues and a call for dialogue. Recently, I began making cyanotypes that explore Black Lives Matter protests and the effects of the pandemic. During the Trump presidency I made work that implored compassion through cage-like structures that alluded to the prisons used to house immigrant men, women, and children at the southern border. Living near Sandy Hook Elementary School, the site of a 2012 mass shooting, inspired sculptures made out of shotgun shells, and to this day, I donate a percentage of all work sold to organizations that work for gun control. I move between these themes creating sculptures, installations and prints that urge action on injustice.

Artist Bio:
Margaret Roleke is a contemporary mixed media artist based in Connecticut and Brooklyn.Roleke has exhibited extensively.This year she had solo exhibits and projects at WhiteBox Gallery, NY, The Camp Gallery , Westport, CT, Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT and at The Six Foot Platform in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Roleke currently has outdoor sculptures at ArtPort Kingston, NY, The Camp Gallery Westport CT, The Norwalk Art Space, Norwalk, Connecticut and The University of Connecticut at Avery Point in Groton,Ct. An additional  outdoor piece will be installed at Governors island this fall.


Tom Fruin
New York, NY
Street Ministry
The Gallery Mall

Artist Statement:
Soliciting passersby from this prominent corner in White Plains, Tom Fruin’s Street Ministry sculpture grabs attention with bright colors from scrap materials and quilted imagery. Like a private house, this human-scaled dwelling is reminiscent of family and home and celebrations. 

Artist Bio:
Known for his large scale installations, Fruin most commonly uses steel and highly colored plexiglass to create monumental sculptures referencing local building structures. He describes his drive to make art that is publicly accessible, as well as sustainable by working with reclaimed materials and alternative energy. Fruin’s largest installation to date, the Watertower series, is installed on multiple rooftops across New York City and around the country. Other large scale work has been exhibited in public plazas in Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen and throughout the United States


Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong
Brooklyn, NY

Renaissance Plaza (City of White Plains)

Artist Statement:

As an artist and trained architect based out of New York City, my multidisciplinary practice lies at the intersection of architecture, art and the public realm. I investigate the transformation of shared space over time, and seek to challenge social and political boundaries through sculpture, installation, performance and site-specific architectural interventions. I explore how spaces can perform on varying scales, ranging from smaller scales such as shelters and surfaces that accommodate the body, to larger spaces that extend their reach to entire environments.

I think that architecture, at the scale of small objects as well as large buildings, affects the way we behave and the way we interact with each other. I am interested in calling awareness and understanding to the way spaces change and the way they change us. Questions I ask in my work are: When physical elements in architectural spaces performance and change, they also dictate changes in behavior– How do we perceive and react to difference? How do we register change over time? How can race, sex and politics become embedded in architecture and everyday urban spaces, and how is space negotiated?

Artist Bio:
My creative process is a crossover between digital drawing (using tools such as mapping, architectural drafting software and 3D modeling), and the physical fabrication of objects and spaces. In my design process, I look specifically at a place or site to understand its conditions, intentions, and visitors. In recent years, I’ve worked on public art commissions with various public institutions to activate underused public spaces, including: New York State Thruway Authority, ArtsWestchester, New York City Parks Department, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Golden Triangle BID, The City of Inglewood and Washington DC Government – Department of General Services, Washington DC Public Schools.


Sarah Divi
Purchase, NY
Serious Fun Wayfinding Yarn Bomb

Renaissance Plaza (City of White Plains)

Artist Statement:

Artist Bio:
Sarah Divi creates site-specific fiber art installations from unwanted items rescued from the dark corner of closets. Her handknit artwork blends the comforting feel of a favorite sweater with the high energy of graffiti. Sarah finds inspiration in taking familiar objects and presenting them in unfamiliar ways. Her interactive artwork invites her audience to engage physically and emotionally. Sarah earned a BFA from Purchase College School of Art+Design and has completed art fellowships and teaching residencies with ArtsWestchester, Hudson River Museum, and WUJS Arad.


Lightband Studios
New York, NY
City Center (Plaza Entrance)

LIGHTBAND STUDIO’s proposal to create a cascading ribbon of illuminated organic glass forms was awarded the commission for the City Center’s atrium. The piece will activate the empty air space in the heart of the busy shopping and entertainment complex.

A series of floating dynamically lit large mesh pieces made from fused glass rods will be suspended in the atrium. Each floating piece is hand formed and will form a sculpture that will appear like a cloud formation. The entire art piece will be illuminated by a custom LED lighting system, imparting a sense of perpetual organic motion. The sculpture is a modern sculpture piece for a modern space but still exudes a warmth and approachability. As guests and shoppers move through the shopping center, from floor to floor and shop to shop, they will be able to view and experience the sculpture as its shape and movement varies throughout the atrium. The cloud formation structure of the sculpture brings the outside in while the dynamic lighting system, which can be configured for daytime, nighttime, special events or holidays, invites visitors to enjoy all the City Center has to offer in shopping, entertainment, and the arts.

Comprised of four established artists from the fields of interaction design, glass fabrication, and set design, LIGHTBAND STUDIO approaches glass design and illumination from a unique multidisciplinary perspective. LIGHTBAND STUDIO creates large-scale dynamic glass artworks for public spaces. The old-world craftsmanship of glass sculpture seamlessly melds with leading edge light and electronic technologies in bespoke creations that entice users to engage with the artwork. The practice is headquartered in New York City.

Artists in Lightband

Scott Fitzgerald is an artist and educator whose work examines the interdependence of culture and technology, and how physical spaces can be altered through digital manipulation. He has a Master’s from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where he studied interactive video art and physical computing. His work has been exhibited and installed around the globe, including a permanent site-specific work at the University of Oslo and temporary public work in New York City’s Times Square. From 2007-2010, Scott was a researcher with the audio art group Locus Sonus, working with sound in built and imagined environments. He regularly runs workshops on using technology in the arts and was the head of documentation for the open source Arduino platform. Scott is currently an Assistant Arts Professor and head of the Interactive Media program at New York University Abu Dhabi.


Piero Manrique
Westchester County, NY
City Center (Mamaroneck Avenue Entrance)


Mamaroneck painter and muralist Piero Manrique was awarded the lobby mural commission. The colorful and graphic design for the 2,000 square foot wall embodies the vibrancy and diversity of the city of White Plains. “Each bold color block makes a strong impact upon the viewer by itself,” says Manrique. “Then, when layered on top of one another, these colored elements join together to form surprising new shapes and perspectives – similar to the dynamic diversity of the community’s individuals and activities that come together to create this modern city.”

Piero Manrique has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe.  In addition to designing commercial and residential murals, he also creates paintings on canvas mixed-media electronic art, sculpture and art for interior design. Originally from Peru, Manrique studied fine arts at Purchase College State University of New York before transferring to Parsons The New School for Design in New York and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2005.  In addition to his passion for visual art, Piero is an avid salsa dancer and performer.  ​He calls upon both his dance and architectural design sensibilities in creating his artwork.


Alfredo Ponce
Yonkers, NY
Art This Way
Sidewalk Stencil throughout Festival Area

Artist Statement: Coming Soon

Artist Bio: Coming Soon


The Murals of South Broadway and East Post Road