Steven Edson

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 617.993.3212


Artist Statement

In the commonplace, lies the unusual. Traveling to new environments heighten my senses and helps me to feel the newness of being alive. Curiosity is the biggest ingredient I use to explore and discover a point of view that feels authenticate.  I am currently working on 2 new series: Polo  and Car Racing in its various forms as well as continuing to add images to existing series. Selected images with their specific portfolio's are available for viewing on my website. 

In 2015, 6 images from my fine art photography, 'Road Paint' series was selected by an international jury to be seen in Brooklyn, Atlanta and Houston as part of 'The Fence', an outdoor photographic exhibition. In early 2016, my work was featured in an article and interview in F11 Magazine. Adoir Noir magazine also did a feature article in 2016 about my black and white images made in Westchester and NYC during the 1970's. I continue to show my work in gallery shows and museums. In August of 2016, CNN did an article and interview with me about my 'Car Details' series of photographs. My image, 'Covered Bridge'  is in the current issue of Yankee Magazine and a piece from my 'Architectural Deconstructions' series was selected for a show at The Danforth Museum.

Educational Background

Scarsdale High School

Goddard College

Massachusetts College of Art, BFA in Studio for Inter-related Media (SIM)