Robert Reiser

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Contact & Info

Artist Statement

Listed as one of the 120 best living English-speaking storytellers by Mcfarland Press, Bob Reiser performs original pieces and tales from around the world in schools, libraries and at festivals. As an author, his books include Carry it On and Everybody says Freedom, written with Pete Seeger and David Gets His Drum, co-written with jazz drummer Panama Francis. He works with the Westchester Arts Council to bring storytelling and story-making and performance techniques to children from pre-school through middle school. Schools in which he has recently performed include: PS 27  Jersey City, New Jersey ( 6th Grade) PS 86 Queens, NY (4th and 5th Grade) Murray Avenue School  Larchmont NY (2nd and 3rd Grade) PS 129  Queens, NY (4th Grade) (List on request.) Recently he has been featured at the Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers Festival, the RiverWay Festival in Albany, NY, and the Hudson River Clearwater Festival.

Educational Background

He has a BA from the University of Chicago and an MFA from New York University.