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  • Robert Edward Miss, MAC, CPFR, BGT

Artist Statement

I am interested in offering group sessions to senior citizens seeking cultural enhancement, particularly through fun with poetry. A typical session would involve reading poems along with a description of their origins from real life; audience participation in exploring favorite poems, and a fun round robin creation of a group poem, ending with a selected song chosen for its poetic lyrics.
Throughout my life the creation of poetry has been a common thread, spilling over into my career, which has included performing on radio and television, producing dramas, ballet, and other arts programming on public television.   I have devoted my life to helping individuals and organizations become more creative and effective.   Examples of my work can be found on Amazon Kindle entitled, Fever Dreams: A Selection of Poetry by Robert E. Miss.

Educational Background

I have a background in Poetry, Philosophy, English Composition, Rhetoric, Classical Literature (Latin and Greek), French Literature, Journalism, Radio & Television Policy, Management and Production.  
*Fordham University, School of Philosophy and Letters
*University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, School of Media and Communications
New York University, Certificate in Philanthropy
Board Source, Certified Board Governance Trainer