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I was initially trained by my father, a Sicilian artist and Renaissance man who had me pouring bronze when I was fifteen.  I spent many years working at the studio/school he founded in Manhattan.  Having access to the world's finest museums and galleries during the Sixties and Seventies when Abstract Expression had just lit the art world on fire had a tremendous affect on me.  My work spans the spectrum between figurative and the abstract, however, I adore the figure and find it shows up more often than not.  I like to think my work is as much science as art and I live for the experimentation.   Discovery of a new technique or method continues to excite and challenge me.  I believe the goal of a true artist should be that the learning process never ends.

Educational Background


Teaching Artist Experience

3D, All Types / Mixed Media / Large Scale.  If it can be sculpted, I can teach you how.  Born in New York City, Ron Mineo was brought immediately into the art world.  His father, Sebastiano Mineo, a Sicilian born artist came to America to establish and operate one of the largest private art schools in New York City, Art Life Craft Studios.  It was born, like Ron, in the Fifties when current art trends made New York the "art capital of the world."  In his teens, Ron spent most of his time in the Art School learning every aspect of the fine arts.  He managed the small bronze foundry created by his father to cast students' work and supervised the school's inventory of art materials.  This early exposure gave Ron a profound reverence and understanding of these art materials and their potential applications. Ron has been the Director of Art Life Studios for twenty years.  Teaching to a broad spectrum of students has made Ron aware of the dynamic teaching style he had seen his father use for so many years. It also sharpened his focus on the learning process and taught him the difference between a good teacher and a great one.  Mineo conducted a residency for the Hudson River Museum relating to its recent Body Parts exhibition.  The residency was held at his studio and at Roosevelt High School in Yonkers; the results were not only displayed in an exhibit in the Hudson River Museum but were also featured on the Yonkers Cable TV network. (Please visit the above web page to see pictures of this residency.)