Randy Lenna

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

  • rlenna@aol.com

Artist Statement

Primarily a geometric painter, I manipulate color and spatial relationships by playing with the interaction of color and space in my hard-edged paintings. I use a complex system of rules in developing paintings to insure that all the paintings in my body of work are connected and can be traced back to an original drawing. In my latest series, I unify colors to create a "Color Veil," which form the translucent disk(s) that defines a new layer for forming visual space in paintings.  Often the Color Veil is a hue that is difficult to identify because it leans towards grayness and often appears to hover just above the shape. While the Color Veils optical presence is stronger than its discernible hues, its appearance often dissolves as the ranges of hues increase in contrast. This all happens on a visual plane that becomes translucent. The background grid shapes fall behind the disk by overlapping and continuing their visual journey through the disk. I enlarge the visual space further with additional translucent disks that overlap one another and include opaque rings that float above. The fun part of my work is deciding where in space the disks exist and for me, how to heighten interest in my work with visual diversions (the disks) without harming the integrity of the space.

Educational Background

B.F.A. Purchase College SUNY, New York Frank Mason's Landscape class, Vermont Vermont Studio Center, Vermont Westchester Art Workshops, New York