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Artist Statement

The beauty of Nature has always held a strong place in my heart, but it was only after years spent working professionally as an illustrator and portrait artist that I started painting oil landscapes. Whether on location or in the studio, I now spend much of my time attempting to capture the atmosphere and colors of a particular scene and time of day in order to share my feelings for the wonders that surround us on a daily basis.   Having visited numerous areas of this beautiful country and finding many of them exciting to paint, I've been focusing these past few years on the Northeast and especially New York State and the Hudson Valley. The State is filled with lush and vibrant landscapes, weather conditions of all kinds and a variety of terrains--shores, mountains, lakes, marshes--that offer endless possibilities for paintings.

In addition to landscape painting, I continue to accept portrait commissions of people, both adults and children, pets, and homes. My second website, is devoted to examples of the many portrait commissions I have completed.

Educational Background

B.S. in Publications, Simmons College, Boston, MA M.A. in Therapeutic Techniques on Art Education, Colllege of New Rochelle,NY

Landscape workshops at the Cape Cod School of Art; Portrait workshops with Daniel Greene and Michael del Priore; courses at Parsons School of Design


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