Phylisha Villanueva

category: Literary,

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Artist Statement

Writing poetry, epistle, and slamming poems is how I cope. The spoken word is how I riot, rejoice, and recharge. 

The improvisation of my performance originates from my involvement with the Jazz and Poetry Choir Collective. I've been performing with musicians for as long as I've recited poetry. 

My style was influenced by access to the gallery, visual arts, and Ekphrastic writing workshops. It gave my work a strong lens for colorful language and sensory details. Early on, I realized writing is communal and has a special relationship with visual arts. 

My poetry reflects and sometimes reimagines my community, it's needs, the people, and their intersections. 

I write poetic memoirs. My stories are transformational, innovative, and forward-thinking. I'm committed to teaching others the tool of writing for healing, health, and abundance.

Educational Background

2021 AA Communication, CUNY Brough of Manhattan Community college

2023 BS Creative writing, SUNY Empire State University

2025 MFA Poetry, St Francis College

Teaching Artist Experience

2021 Poet-in-Residence, Yonkers Arts

2022 Mamaroneck Senior Citizen Jewelry Residency

2022/2023 Valhalla Youth Correctional Facility Literary Residency

2023 Hope House Literary Residency 

2023 Yonkers Senior Citizen Jewelry Residency