Patricia Anne Mandel

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

The Artist exists because an artist has the ability through work to fade into a film, a play, a book, a poem, or a dance. Musical artists know the same comfort of dipping into their imaginations as well. How many times do we all watch the same movies over and over again? Television shows? We listen to the same music for the same reasons that we go to museums and galleries and look at and collect the same artists: comfort and peace. Being a sports spectator happens for similar reasons. "The childhood desire to grow up to be a firefighter, a policeman, a ball player in professional sports, a princess, or any number of superheroes as a child or to be able to emulate our parents as grownups, is why as we age we make choices that ease the pain of life’s wounds, to heal our hearts and souls, give us comfort, and strengthen our backbones in order to be able to face life’s challenges. Becoming a part in a film, working in film production, as well as having the ability to run away into art, is, actually the road back home.

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