Mary Tooley Parker

category: Folk/Traditional, Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 9142439472


Artist Statement

I am a textile compositor using textiles as paint. Incorporated in my work are wool, cotton, and silk fabric, fleece, handspun and millspun yarn, silk fiber, and metallic fibers. I use natural and synthetic dyes to create colors I want. I only design and work on things that are especially meaningful to me. I have studied with others a bit but am mostly self taught because I continue to experiment and try to capture new things in new ways. I love my work and do it nearly every day. I believe that textiles are received by the viewer in a different way than fine art and there is science showing that a different part of the brain is stimulated when viewing a textile. It appeals to the senses, especially touch, and gives a feeling of warmth before the brain even registers the visual image. I was honored to be awarded a 2015 Fellowship by the New York Foundation for the Arts in Folk/Traditional Art.

Educational Background

BFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts.


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