Miriam Sivak

category: Visual,

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Artist Statement

Art has been in my soul since childhood. Before I knew there was something called abstract art, I was doing it instinctively.  As I grew older I  was drawn to the works of  the great masters of Impressionism. I would sit in front of Monet's Water Lilies for hours during my college years when the need to be practical made me choose to be a teacher rather than pursue my love of art. As a teacher I sought to bring out the creativity in my students and to design a classroom that reflected the beauty of children growing and learning. In retirement I have the time and energy to devote to pursing my love of color, and texture.   A long time Rivertown resident, I also draw inspiration from the majestic beauty of the Hudson River and The Palisades.  Travel has also  added new sources of inspiration, like the fields of sunflowers in Italy, the city of Venice, Italy,  and the beauty of the skies in places like Florida, Hawaii  and S. Carolina. All those colors and textures of the land, water and sky are what I try to express in my art  incorporating many different mediums to achieve my desired effect. I am always experimenting and looking for new ways to express the beauty of nature around us.

Educational Background

Education BA Hunter College,

MS Hunter College

Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

New School for Social Research,

The College of New Rochelle

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville

Art Academy of Westchester

ART at Si Beagle Learning Center, Boca Raton Florida

Delray Beach Florida Center for the Arts

Plantation Art Guild, Jan Sitts Workshop Plantation Florida