Leslie Lew

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For over a twenty year career, Leslie Lew has exhibited a variety of paintings that reinterpret cherished memories of growing up in America with images derived from Modern American culture. Whether depicting everyday life, or heroic icons, Lew's paintings reflect the diverse range of imagery that colors contemporary life in the U.S. The images ranging from children's portraits to comic book covers capture the innocence of childhood and convey an optimistic outlook on the future.   With her sculpted oil technique of modeling oil paint into low relief, Lew painstakingly transfers Pop icons form their original 2-D source in children's instructional readers, comic books and television into a fresh 3-D world.   An early participant in NY's East Village neo-pop scene of the 1980's, she is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then her work has been exhibited across the U.S. She is currently participating in a traveling museum exhibition entitled Comic Release.

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