Jennifer Rose Griffin

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Artist Statement

Jennifer Rose Griffin is an artist that uses drawing as an outlet to tell a story, to express the range and depth of human emotion and to make a connection with others. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art from Fordham University and a Master of Arts degree in art education from The College of New Rochelle.  While pursuing a career as an artist, Griffin worked in the field of education as a teacher’s aide and then as an art educator after receiving her master’s. The interest in drawing began at an early age for Griffin.  She would sit contentedly for hours quietly coloring and sketching. Griffin was furnished with an abundance of art materials and lessons to help her develop her technical drawing skills. Beyond the still- lifes and blind contour drawings of those lessons, what Griffin loved to draw the most was supplied entirely from her imagination. The art that Griffin creates merges imaginative imagery with technical design elements honed in her studies, such as line and pattern.  Her drawings are miniature surrealist dream worlds, where the visual floats above a strong current of emotions. In addition to her surrealist ink drawings Griffin also delights in creating beautifully detailed portraits. Working primarily in pen and ink allows Griffin the freedom to create tight precise images with pen points, or to create more flowing organic shapes with brushes. By isolating the color pallet to only black and white, she is able to focus on the design, technique and content of the drawing. Past exhibits have included, the ninth annual juried Small Works Show with the Mamaroneck artist guild, and two group shows at the Mooney Gallery with her Alma Mater, The College of New Rochelle. The last show at the Mooney Gallery was an art for charity silent auction, where patrons could bid on the art and the winning bid would go to the artist’s charity of choice. Griffin resides and works in Westchester County.  

Educational Background

M.A. in Art Education obtained at the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY B.A. in Studio Art obtained at Fordham University (Marymount College), Tarrytown, NY A.A. in Visual Arts obtained at Westchester Community College - Valhalla, NY