Jill Parry

category: Visual,

Contact & Info

Website: http://www.jillparry.com

Phone: 914 698 1925

  • jillparry8@hotmail.com

Artist Statement

Jill Parry is a contemporary figurative painter and fiber artist based in Westchester, New York. She was born in Wales and studied art and design at Birmingham College of Art in the United Kingdom. Jill teaches portrait and figure painting at the JCC of Mid Westchester, conducts artist residencies in schools and community centers and runs after school classes in Sewing and Fiber Arts. Jill’s work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea and the United States and she currently works from her studio in Westchester.  

Educational Background

Newport College of Art, Wales. UK. Birmingham College of Art, UK

Teaching Artist Experience

My projects have included murals, quilts, fiber arts, sewing, portraits, and inside/outside installations.

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