Josie LaRiccia

category: Dance,

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Phone: 914-432-8502


Artist Statement

Josie is a dancer with a very diverse background in dances from various cultures.  She has a strong background in Flamenco & Escuela Bolera (Classical Spanish Ballet) and since opening and operating her own dance studio in Ossining, she has become skilled in other dance forms such as Salsa, Argentine Tango & Middle Eastern Dance.  Josie is a teaching artist and enjoys working with all age groups.  Josie believes that like sports, dance should be a regular part of every school's curriculum.  Students learn proper socialization skills through dance.  It's an art form that develops their confidence, builds self-esteem and teaches them to respect one other.

Educational Background

B.A. in Anthropology @ Boston University

Archaeology As An Avocation @ Norwalk Community College