Jeannie Thomma

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Artist Statement

what we hold in our hands mirrors what we hold in our hearts... fiber artist, jeannie thomma, specializes in teaching students the ancient and magical process of how to hand-felt wool (\\\\\\\"felting\\\\\\\") to create a beautiful piece of fabric. so, what is felting? felting is an ancient craft in which dyed wool fibers are first layered and then agitated by hand.  this 2-step process invites the individual fibers to knot-together yielding a very strong piece of fabric.  today, wool roving (the raw material used for felting) is available in a beautiful array of intense and vibrant colors.  in addition to the wool itself, other materials, like yarn, string, and even fabric can be embedded into the felted work.

Educational Background

BA, Connecticut College MST, Pace University