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Artist Statement

Ilse Schreiber-Noll  is a multimedia artist. Her work depicts crucial aspects of political and environmental concerns addressed in the context of her paintings, books and installations.
Schreiber-Noll was born in Germany where she studied at the University of Marburg. ​
She immigrated to the USA and received her MFA from Purchase College, SUNY, where she has studied and taught with Uruguayan-American  artist Antonio Frasconi.

​​Donald Kuspit's describes with great insight the essence of aspects of her newest paintings. He writes: ​"Trees Are Sanctuaries ​Ilse Schreiber-Noll tells us, but also hadean ghosts—shadowy presences, abstract remnants of a ruined nature.  A Sturm ind Drang expressionist, as the painting The Storm makes clear, Schreiber-Noll seems to show nature in its death throes, agonized beyond recovery.  She says that her trees are “symbols of hope, new beginnings, regeneration and the promise of protecting our forests for the next generations,” but her forest is very black, her trees are charred fragments of nature.There is no sanctuary in them, only suffering. “Save the Dream/Save the Planet,” the elaborate text that accompanies her trees declares, but it is only a dream, never to become a reality, as the nightmarish trees suggest. I see angry futility in Schreiber-Noll’s works, which seems an appropriate response to the neglect of nature, even indifference to its plight, and unawareness of the fact that its death is ours.​" 
by Donalt Kuspit, Whitehot Magazine, April 2018                                                                                                                                              

Educational Background

Studied at the University of Marburg/Lahn, Germany
MFA Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY 
The artist presently lives and works in Croton On Hudson and Peekskill, NY


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