Ilene Africk

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Artist Statement

My path to becoming a photographic artist was circuitous from the start.  After a brief career teaching French I found my true calling in art and design.  I studied at Parsons and F.I.T. to learn the art and process of clothing design.  I started a dress company and designed, manufactured and marketed dresses for teenage girls. Taking pictures was a must and had to been done at each stage.  I brought my camera to fit sessions as well as trips to inspire designs. These pictures were suited to my dress company and didn’t leave room to explore beyond the manufacturing environment.  The creativity was solely garment centered.

Educational Background

With the support of 2 Armonk award-winning photographers I began photography classes.  In addition, I worked closely under their tutelage to expand my scope of knowledge of the field as well as to develop  my eye. I have been narrowing my focus to fine art photography ever since. This has become my passion for the past 15 years.  Joining the Ground Glass Photo Club I began to publicly exhibit my work.  I am now also a member of the Red Circle PhotoArts group and have begun to enter competitions and have shown my work in New York and Connecticut..  I am currently studying with a mentor with an aim to complete several portfolios for my website. I continually feel the challenge of trying new techniques beyond the mere click of the shutter.

Through study of the history of photography, I have found inspiration in the work of Harry Callahan, Bill Brandt, Manray and Abelardo Morell.  My aim is to create art in pictures that stimulate the imagination as well as arousing the senses.  I want to create intrigue and stir curiosity through fine art photography.  I’m drawn to elements that work together or sometimes are out of sync to produce a composition rich in texture, shape and color.  I continuously feel the calling and challenge to create.