Jennifer Verde King

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Artist Statement

Pastels paintings have  been Jennifer's  first passion, printmaking and painting quickly ensued; all adding layers to Jennifer’s approach to her art. While studying Plein Aire painting in Italy in 2004, Jennifer discovered a love and natural talent for photography. She returned to Venice and Florence in 2007 solely to create a new series of photographic and fine art works. An exhibition of this was on display in February of 2008 in Briarcliff Manor.

Her keen eye and visual acumen for display and interiors developed at the Met. This led her into the mural and decorative painting field, transforming commercial and residential spaces. Though painting rooms for any age, her specialization has become creating whimsical interiors for children. She creates environments that inspire sheer joy within children and adults.


Educational Background

A B.F.A from Binghamton University and a Masters in Museum Studies laid the groundwork for her to receive the Polaire Weissman Fellowship at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was subsequently hired to work as the Exhibition Specialist in The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, dressing and styling priceless articles of clothing dating back to the 17th century. After the birth of her daughter, Jennifer chose to stay home with her. Unable to be without a creative endeavor for very long, Jennifer created LLC.

Jennifer has been fortunate to study under such artists as Charles Eldred, Linda Sokolowski, Daniel Greene, the Art Student’s League,  and Andrew Lattimore. Turning to the Masters has also been an incredible source of inspiration and guidance.