Erika and Philippe dArlhac

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Artist Statement

Milestone Decal Art is Philippe d'Arlhac and Erika Boetsch.  Philippe is mechanical engineer from France and Erika is a botanist from NY.   Our circuitous paths in life have led us to each other and making art with decals. We started Milestone Decal Art in 2008.  Philippe had been working for another decal printing outfit but creativity was stifled and limited.  So we branched out.  At first we were printing decals for other artists and designers, offering both traditional silkscreen decals as well as digital decals, a relatively new process invented in Germany about 15 years ago that has greatly expanded the horizon of the kinds of images that can be made into decals- photographic images, paintings, illustrations, etc.   It's an exciting time and we enjoy experimenting with this young and dynamic process. Though we continue to print decals for ceramicists, enamelists, glass fusing artists, etc., we are bursting at the seams with ideas of our own.  In 2010 we started to follow our own ideas.   One of our most beloved  pieces is a is 7ft x 3ft mural mural of a 1565 World Map we installed behind our woodstove.   We have also developed a dinnerware line based on scientific drawings of ocean creatures from the Victorian Era.  Combining our passions for science, history, art and engineering we have happily found our niche and look forward to connecting with other Westchester Artists.

Educational Background

We have various college degrees that have shaped us as people and artists, but none specifically in the arts.