Celeste Walls-Kepler

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Artist Statement

Passionate-the truest of words I can use to describe myself over the last decade. Passionate about the creative process embodied in my art. Passionate about a career that uses the creative process to promote self-awareness and healing from self-expression. Life is a journey for which I have encountered beauty in love and adventures. As an Art Therapist, this journey provides me with experiences beyond the art studio. I have been honored to work with individuals that taught me the true meaning of life.  Art for me is a reflection of this journey where dreams and possibilities are endless. My paintings are representations of the integration of myself as an artist  and art therapist both relevant to my work. While painting my only goals are to be immersed in the moment and be engaged in the creative process rather than the end-product as the focal point. I define my approach to creating art as an introspective process. Life encompasses a multitude of experiences that evokes intense emotions lending itself naturally to a visual form of expression. As I reflect both on the experience and emotion the imagery is created on the surface.

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