Andrew Courtney

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 914 271-8633


Artist Statement

Courtney’s work ascends from a early background in painting, ceramic sculpture, Fine Arts teaching and activism for social change. He wears these three hats. A provocative balance. For the past four decades his medium has been photography.  Often, documentary photography. Courtney’s image making is concerned with those places and people where social struggle is at the edge of transition.  His work, each image regards his special passion for framing curiosity, discovery, participation and sharing the tonalities of experience.  Often, his work has to do with storytelling and the actuality of real contact as it might resolve presumptuous bias elsewhere. Courtney’s photography is rendered in full frame reflecting an actual conversational learning moment.

Educational Background

Music & Art High School, NYC  1954, Syracuse, Fine Arts.  BFA   1958, Columbia University    MFA   1972