A Becarelli Count Dussi

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Artist Statement

Count Dussi 's paintings represent spirituality, faith in goodness and strong spirit. He is not selfish author, he do not represent only own life stories. His truth faith is against unfairness, war and misery. In his paintings Count Dussi used many symbols and colors represent strong  words and emotions and some people are crying, because they are shacked by strong energy of his work. Some extrasensory people share that this paintings have sense of heal and medicative effect on sick people. The symbol of Wight pigeon is author's trade mark. Wight pigeon represent Holy Spirit. The fish - one of the firs symbols of  earlier Christian religion. The eye - other symbol in artist's creation , eye of fish, aye of man,.. the look - watching man. The hat - symbol of memories. Man's face with hath looked in, trough the shadow. The man stand mystic . Colors are strong, aggressive and sparkling enough to make you sure and protected. The colors make you fill strongest power of earth, who we work threw . Standing in front of Becarelli's work fills  that  we standing in front of altar and all wanted to pray. You will never bored to seared paintings again and again. Looker just wanted to have Count Dussi's art on any price . Art critic: Rudy Carabella

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