Annette Saleski

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Artist Statement

I believe in the arts for life learning awareness and enhancement. The performing arts especially in dance and theater have provided for me  the discipline, teamwork harmony,  dedication necessary to reach a goal if it is a dance, theater production or our own  life's journey.. This is my passion and has given me the incentive to dedicate my life to the performing arts. I started out as a dancer and then became a teacher, choreographer, director and producer. I went into theater and Musical theater for a greater range of artistic expression with myself and others.. I believe in the youth of today and want to pass my knowledge along to them as a teacher, director, consultant for theater and dance. As the artistic director of Antonia Arts, Inc.   I always welcome New Voices, New Audiences, New Works.

Educational Background

Ms. Antonia began her life career in the performing arts with dance at the age of 7yrs. She went on to train with some of the greats in Ballet including but not limited to Victor Stengel with the Ballet Russe from Russia. Modern Dance with Martha Graham and Anna Sokolow, theater dance,  with Luigi, Gus Giordano. Her theater credits include her  theater major at  the University of Minnesota and NYU. She has had a lifetime of training in her profession working in the many aspects of the performing arts and continues to learn from her varied experiences