Anne Francey

category: Visual,

Contact & Info


Phone: 518 618 7355


Artist Statement

My work starts with an observation of the natural world that delves into abstractions  reflecting  on our  human condition and the constant pull between  spontaneity and order. Large colorful paintings or work on paper all allude to elements of nature with simple forms and fluid lines, whether they are flowers, shells, bird or insects. My ceramic work is mostly two dimensional, with colorful clay scrolls and  spontaneous painted tiles.   "Creative Tiles" community murals will involve a whole community or school into the creation of a ceramic mural that will  demonstrate how each participant's uniqueness and creative contribution can be woven by an artist into a harmonious overall design that celebrates our society at its best. 

Educational Background

MFA Hunter College, NY Painting and video, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland