Online Classes and Lessons at The Rye Arts Center

The Rye Arts Center is taking its award-winning lineup of classes and lessons online! There’s something for everyone among their dozens of offerings. Classes include painting, drawing, origami, coding, animation, Minecraft, sewing, photography, model-making, writing, and so much more! Critique groups geared toward working artists are also available as well as private lessons in both music and art.

After Spring Break classes filled up quickly, The Rye Arts Center got to work to develop a wide selection of activities to meet the creative needs of the community. They are excited for the expanded reach that an online platform offers, allowing people to participate from anywhere.

Participating in the arts has never been more important. Parents are looking for productive and enjoyable ways to keep their children occupied and educated. People of all ages are in need of a creative outlet to give a boost to mental and emotional health. There are classes available for ages 4 through adult and for ALL levels of experience.

Multi-session classes begin as early as May 4. Private lessons are available on an ongoing basis subject to instructor availability. Visit for a full list of classes with prices and schedules.

While ALL are welcome to take part in classes at The Rye Arts Center, a membership will give you discounts to most classes!