He, She, They, We, Gender Identity in Art

Blue Door Art Center, 13 Riverdale, Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701

She, He, They We – Gender Identity in Art

Curated by Diane Wedekind Falcone and Nolan Nishell Falcone at Blue Door Art Center

Exhibition Dates: June 3 – July 8, 2023

Opening Reception, Saturday, June 3, 1 – 6pm, 2023

Identity is everyone’s innate sense of self, including gender. Like a beating heart, we all have a gender identity. Whether you identify as she, he, they or otherwise, we want to celebrate every way there is to be our most authentic selves. View a group of over 35 local artists presenting unique perspective on gender in art. The work includes sculpture, paintings, drawings, assemblages and more. All welcome, no cost, family friendly.

Gallery Hours: Thursday and Friday 3 -6pm, Saturday 1 – 6pm

914 375-5100   www.bluedoorartcenter.org

image –  artist: Franklin Silva, Title: PRIDE

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