Arc in the Dark @Studio Theater in Exile

ARC in the DARK:

Engaging with the “Arc of the Viral Universe: A Notebook Project”

Exhibition of Notebooks

Studio Theater in Exile @ Hudson Valley MOCA – June 1 – 30, 2023 

Hours: Thursdays & Sundays 11-5

Organized by artist, Carla Rae Johnson in collaboration with Arc of the Viral Universe “Arc-ists,”  and with Studio Theater in Exile at Hudson Valley MOCA 1701 Main Street, Peekskill, NY

Interactive Event: Sunday, June 11, 2023 – 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Participants will share a real-time experience of turning and reading notebook pages via a large-scale projection in the theater. Notebook creators (“arc-sts”) will offer insights into how these notebooks illuminate their unique experience of the turbulent months of 2020/2021.

Then, just as during the early days of the pandemic, we will find ourselves in total darkness!

Participants, in turn, will use a small light to illuminate their notebooks through reading and descriptions of the imagery.  The audience will be invited to join in, sharing from a notebook they have chosen.

 Notebooks created by: Karen Allen – Inez Andrucyzk – Anne E. Bruce – Jo-Ann Brody – Angela Carrozza – Laurel Garcia Colvin – Linda Cunningham – Patricia Dahlman – Maria DeLaney – Beth DeWitt – Maureen Dillon – Flori Doyle – Linda Jean Fisher – Marcy B. Freedman -Wendie Garber  Bonnie Glauber – Steve Jacoby- Claudia Jacques – Carla Rae Johnson – Barbara Lipp – Mary McFerran  G. Ray Mak – Brook Maher – Willie Marlowe – Susan Obrant – Amie Oliver – Bonnie Peritz – Francine Perlman  –  Pearl Rosen Golden – Cristina Ramos-Payne – Jacqueline Rivera – Sharon Rubinstein – Ann Shapiro – Devin Siglock  – Barbara Suggs – Peg Taylor – Lavinia Wiggins – Dava Frog Wing

About Studio Theater in Exile

Studio Theater in Exile is a collective which morphed out of the Newman Theater and Theater in Odd Spaces. Formed in 2018, Studio Theater in Exile shares and builds upon the mission of these previous organizations, and now supersedes them as an official entity. The Newman Theatre, in Pleasantville, NY, ran from 1993 to 2005 and its mission was to “Bring the Arts and Community Together”. Besides mounting established plays, the Newman was known for encouraging and creating original work, including Promised Land, about the Holocaust which began at the Newman and toured from SUNY Purchase to Budapest, Hungary, Memoirs of a Mad Masseuse written by Westchester Playwright Staci Swedeen, and Shedding Light, an Abeles award winner that toured the tribe-state area. After the Newman Theater closed, the executive team ran Theater in Odd Places from 2005-2018 wanting to continue the mission and focus collaborating with others and produce new works presented in unusual venues. And thus Studio Theater in Exile was born. Mara Mills and Jeremy Gratt, cofounders with Marsha Newman of the Newman Theater and partners in Theater in Odd Spaces are the founders of Studio Theater in Exile. Karina Ramsey joined the administrative team in August 2018. Evan Bishop and Katori Walker joined us this year, both as creators and members of the collective.

mission: Studio Theater in Exile collaborates with playwrights and performers to create and develop original work. Studio Theater in Exile is a company without a space that collaborates with its environment. It is an outgrowth of the belief that theater takes place anywhere and can be performed anywhere – in the streets, galleries, libraries, museums, black boxes, backyards, and even on a stage. We have been working with performers and playwrights to develop work that can be performed in any venue. Co-founders, Mara Mills and Jeremy Gratt have worked together, since 1991, to present original work, based on the art in an exhibition, a social justice issue, history, or the spark of an idea. Karina Ramsey joined Studio Theater in Exile in 2018.