Another Road Not Taken Exhibit at Burke Rehabilitation

Burke Rehabilitation Art Collection’s current exhibit, called “Another Road Not Taken,” features the work of New Rochelle photographer Marisa Boan. It takes inspiration from Robert Frost’s poem and features rich, floral photography that invites visitors to look closely at the roads (both real and metaphorical) that they travel on each day. “If there are no flowers along that road, you may want to take a different road,” Boan said.

About Marisa Boan

As a Photographer: My photographs aim to capture the scenes in nature that often go overlooked. So much of our time is spent looking straight ahead that the beauty around us is overlooked. I spend my time looking up, looking around, and looking down. We see much more when we take the time to bend over or kneel down. A different perspective comes into view. This is what my photography hopes to capture. I do not want to capture what I and everyone else can see; I want to capture that which we must make an effort to see… that is what makes it all worthwhile.

As an Educator: My Famous Artist Children’s Books teach and inspire future artists in English and Spanish. Art appreciation and creation should be accessible to all regardless of the language they speak. My lessons teach important reading and writing skills using art and artists’ biographies.