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If I were watching this from as a high schooler, I probably would LOL at the antics and interplay between the characters.  And while, even as a very grown up, I did laugh…I appreciated the film as a coming-of-age story with a wonderful and genuine friendship captured at that point in time – which, if you were lucky, you experienced as well.  Some may see this as “the nerdy girls let loose,” but it’s much more impactful with adult hindsight, as well as an ability to reflect on life’s many transitions and those who travel them with us.  This movie may be better enjoyed by a younger audience; but for me, it’s still a thumbs up.

A Dog’s Journey

It’s a good thing the movie theatre was completely empty when we saw this film (one other couple came later) – because my husband Eli and I were both bawling our eyes out over this poignant, sad/happy, heart-wrenching film. The movie was especially emotional because it followed a granddaughter and her dog, who were together throughout the girl’s life journey as well as the dog’s life. When the movie was over, we cried some more as we said goodbye to the Greenburgh Multiplex Cinemas, which closed later that week. We enjoyed many movies there over the years.[

Toy Story 4

Just love these kids movies.  Emotional, beautiful to watch, technologically amazing, and a heartwarming story. Just wait till my granddaughter Mollie is old enough to go!

Playing at:
Bedford Playhouse through July 11
Pelham Picture House through July 4

Amazing Grace

If you want a biography about Aretha Franklin’s life – in a time when many movies and shows depict musicians – or if you want to hear the singer’s popular hits, this is not it.  In fact, as the movie unfolds, the commentary feels overbearing and superfluous.  It takes away from the glorious and perfect experience of hearing Aretha’s voice and of seeing her (so young!) singing Gospel.  I was sitting in Jacob Burns Film Center, but the film’s authenticity had me feeling like I was experiencing it in a church setting.  This is a concert film, during which it’s best for the viewer to just let go and feel the power of spiritual expressions through music along with the others who are in attendance. The film even included a very young Mick Jagger (this was 1972, so think about that musical influence)!


Things I liked about Rocketman: the Elton John story, which was heart-wrenching, and of course the fabulous music.  What I didn’t like: the Elton John meets La La Land approach; the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Elton’s deep and personal story.  This just didn’t add up for me, and I normally LOVE a good song and dance musical. So, for this version of “what singer are we making a movie about today?,” I fall somewhere between like and disappointment.  Now, onto the Beatles, Judy Garland, and Pavarotti movies… I’ll see them all!


Some of my friends who know that I am not an opera fan will be surprised that I went to see this movie. Let’s forget that part for now, because this film is pure joy. Pavarotti’s voice is gorgeous beyond belief. His face is very expressive. His love of life… and of love …shows a life lived to the max. I do admire that he embraced other types of music. His commitment to others, and making the world a better place through his music, leadership and passion, created a legacy that continues to help those in need.  As others have throughout the years, I fell in love with Luciano Pavarotti when I watched this film.  Thank you to Ron Howard for bringing it to us.  In the series of films about musicians so popular now, this is one I would recommend.

Playing at: 
Jacob Burns Film Center through July 4

Dr. Marsha Gordon is President/CEO of The Business Council of Westchester.  When she is not advocating for business, building the economy or creating job opportunities, you can find her at the movie theatre enjoying many different film genres.  Most of the time, her husband Eli is with her… except if it is football season or if it is a very slow, sappy movie.

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