Marsha on the Move: February

Black Panther

A welcome departure from my usual enjoyed movie genre, but after all of the critical acclaim and nominations, I had to watch Black Panther (which is now on Netflix) … and I am glad I did. I get it! The movie has an important social message and political insights … and is much more than the average superhero movie. Great costumes add to an intriguing story. A perfect film on a cold night…



This film gives new perspective to the “Wild Wild West.” It tells the tale of revenge that caused havoc across the land, and the story of the women who had the fighting spirit to stand up for what was theirs. A binge-worthy Netflix miniseries. (Especially enjoyed by Eli Gordon!)



If hindsight was 20-20…but then, we really did kind of know what was going on during the Bush 43 years… or in reality the Cheney Years! This movie was brilliantly, and at times hysterically presented, and really brought to the surface the insatiable thirst for power by Cheney that ultimately gave rise to the divisive and deceitful untruths of the time…. Costing lives, building new power bases and creating new political paradigms that stick today. Most interesting also was the personal story told. The strong influence of Lynn Cheney on her husband’s political path, the humanity of their love for their daughters, and their acceptance (especially Dick Cheney) of their daughter’s sexuality, and ultimately their betrayal, which showed that their lust for power overshadowed that love. All sad ….and telling. An amazing and realistic performance by Christian Bale.



This was a tough movie to watch. It is painful and emotional …but also rings true of 1970s Mexico: societal norms and expectations, political unrest, personal struggles at every level and the ties that bind people together. Beautifully portrayed in black and white, which heightens the dark mood. Will think about this one a lot.


Green Book

This is an absolutely charming, heartwarming, funny and sad film about racial prejudice in the U.S. – especially the South, in the 1960s – and how two unlikely friends face it together. A true story that tells an important message within the development of an unexpected and most meaningful relationship. I loved this movie.


Bohemian Rhapsody

I felt the POWER of the music while watching this movie, as well as the people, the times and the emotions. The movie is a concert and so much more. Thank you to Freddie Mercury and Queen for gifting us with music that has shaped our spirit and our lives.


Creed II

I must admit that I love Rocky (and boxing) movies, and I tear up when I hear the music theme. This one combined the now older and mellower Sly Stallone’s tough compassion with a personal story of Apollo Creed as well as the good fight… America vs Russia. Of course, we know who will win but the journey enjoyable.

Dr. Marsha Gordon is President/CEO of The Business Council of Westchester.  When she is not advocating for business, building the economy or creating job opportunities, you can find her at the movie theatre enjoying many different film genres.  Most of the time, her husband Eli is with her… except if it is football season or if it is a very slow, sappy movie.

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