From the CEO: Artistic Rye Playland

When I was a kid growing up in the Rockaways, Playland was the place to go on a summer date. As I recall, it was about the only way a couple of teenagers could cuddle, even if it was only on a roller coaster. Rockaway Playland was built in 1902 and sadly closed in 1987, so it was an easy thing to transfer my affection to Rye Playland when I moved to Westchester. Built in 1928 with its art deco architecture, Rye Playland was a unique destination of historic buildings and colonnades. Recently, I visited Playland, which is now operated by Westchester County in partnership with Standard Amusements, and it was nice to see the place come alive with new coats of paint and manicured gardens. I particularly loved the art deco promenade and the side of the mall that was lined with columns, inspired by art deco design. Our ArtsWestchester team was recently invited to scout out some locations for public art – what a nice idea to add some contemporary sculptures to the already artistic Rye Playland.

About Janet Langsam

During her time at the helm of ArtsWestchester, the organization – formerly known as the Westchester Arts Council – has grown from a $1 million to a $6 million agency and has excelled at making the arts more visible, diverse and accessible for all. ArtsWestchester offers financial and marketing support to emerging arts groups, cultural institutions and grassroots activities throughout Westchester County.

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