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Blue Door Presents Exhibition in Memory of Former Director

Blue Door Art Center (BDAC) has announced the passing of artist Arlé Sklar-Weinstein with an exhibition in her honor. Sklar-Weinstein was director at the Yonkers art center for more than a decade.

In Thru Love / Thru Time: a Mother/Daughter Exhibition of Works, on view through March 4, Sklar-Weinstein’s art will be on display alongside works by her daughter, Shula Weinstein.

Sklar-Weinstein’s website details her path toward her inevitable artistic career. There was a semi-professional stint with bass violin, the Parsons School of Design classes at age seven, and a high school scholarship to the Museum of Modern Art’s classes for young people. Then came the Neo-Surrealist drawings/paintings in the ‘60s and ‘70s in SoHo, studying at New York and Columbia Universities, and discovering a passion for quilting in the ‘80s after seeing a co-worker hand-quilting and appliquéing during lunch.

Ultimately, Sklar-Weinstein’s penchant for exploring new technologies and combining non-traditional materials produced what she called “soft paintings,” which merge quilting and painting techniques and heat-transferring digital imagery to fabric.

Shula Weinstein’s giclee prints of mixed-media works and digital forms will also be on display. Says Weinstein: “During the [COVID-19] pandemic I lost my job…and took the opportunity to explore art creation on my mac using the very simple tools from the Preview [tools], which is essentially drawing and painting on an uploaded photo… I begin with a photo texture of rock, wood, clouds, grasses, etc. and create landscapes as ‘destinations.’”

In a quote provided by BDAC, Sklar-Weinstein’s son Robert referred to her as “a fearless artistic explorer… [whose] passion and energy were endless.”

Her works have been exhibited extensively in Westchester and New York City and beyond, and also appear in many private collections. An opening reception on February 18 will include live music by Adam Hart.

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